So, what exactly is Kenekt Marketing?

Kenekt Marketing is a full-service marketing agency that was born out of the desire of two friends to work with companies to create a thriving online presence, and promote sustainable business growth in the constantly evolving digital world. Through the development of custom websites, social media growth, digital advertising, eCommerce & content curation services, Kenekt operates as an exclusive boutique agency, working only with clients who have aligned their business goals with our strategic implementation models. You wouldn’t buy your cereal at the grocery store and then milk at the corner store, would you? No, we didn’t think so. That is why Kenekt offers a complete services menu - we don’t believe you should have to shop around to get things done. You’re the expert in your industry, so focus on your business, and let us take care of the rest.

Read about how we took our eCommerce business from $0 to $350,00+ USD in sales in 9 months. All on a bootstrapped budget!

Read about how we took our eCommerce business from $0 to $350,00+ USD in sales in 9 months. All on a bootstrapped budget!

who is behind Kenekt Marketing?

The co-founders of Kenekt Marketing, Kory Szostak and Rodney Zachariuk are 2 friends who have grown into business partners over the years due to their mutual obsession for discussing/creating business ideas, interest in financial literacy, knack for computers & software and most importantly, sharing an entrepreneurial spirit. We set out to travel Southeast Asia for several months to discuss our future and what business ideas we think had the most potential for implementation. Fast forward to present day, and we are now running multiple online businesses in the eCommerce and Digital Marketing industries. We are 2 mid-twenty something year olds who are addicted to information and constantly educating ourselves so that we can be on the forefront of new software, applications, marketing strategies and business ventures.

We started with an eCommerce experiment and after a rigorous amount of research and testing, we launched our first successful online store that reached over $350,000+ USD in sales in our first 9 months. The Instagram page we curated accompanying this store now has over 31,000 organic followers, reaching over 1,000,000 impressions per week! If you want to read about our journey and see the numbers, check out the article that was written about us: Here’s to the Crazy Ones: How These Two Friends Built a Business No One Expected as a success story on the Shopify eCommerce platform by Oberlo (we used their app to help start our website). Although we may lack the traditional experience that people seem to attribute to age, we instead only let our age define our strengths: that we grew up in the technology boom, that we speak digital as our “first language” and most importantly that we prefer to let our successes define our experience. We are always looking to create new relationships with like minded individuals and build our business/ entrepreneurial networks. If you have an idea that you would like to discuss with us, or interested in using Kenekt Marketing for your business - please reach out to us on our contact page.